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Finding the perfect people to fill jobs at all different levels of an organization remains a huge challenge for many businesses amid the present market conditions. Searching for candidates, shortlisting those with promise, arranging interviews, finalizing candidates, running background checks and then negotiating salaries all take precious time away from a business owner’s existing obligations, which may end up harming the business in the long run. In an era where time is money, more and more employers are partnering with professional recruitment agencies to manage staffing needs on their behalf.

While the benefits of working with a staffing agency cannot be undervalued, as explored in the article How Much Time & Money Can MSI Recruiting Save You?  there are some important ‘need-to-knows’ for businesses that will help with understanding the nature of professional recruitment, including what to look out for to ensure a staffing partner can meet your needs as desired.

Here are 8 things to know and ask before using a staffing agency:

  1. Industry Specialization
    No one can truly understand your line of work and the skills required for operations to function effectively better than a recruiter who lives and breathes the industry you specialize in. These agencies are more effective in screening candidates and possess a larger network of talent specific to your niche, resulting in a greater selection of desirable candidates to choose from.
  2. Proven Track Records
    Numbers don’t lie. Track records provide insight into an agencies hiring successes and can tell you all you need to know about their turnaround times, the resources they utilize, the number of companies who trust in their services and if they are equipped to handle your staffing challenges.
  3. Online Reviews
    Online reviews provide an honest reflection into what an agency can offer based on other companies’ experiences with them. They provide valuable insight into the quality of service an agency can provide, as well as the quality of candidates they present businesses to consider for hire.
  4. Hiring Process
    While the length of time between hires differs from company to company, staffing providers follow a much more in-depth and stringent hiring process than businesses who manage the process themselves. Understanding what is employed by agencies to ensure successful hires provides a snapshot into the length of time it will take from present-day to when a candidate may join the business, and mitigate any negative feelings you may have around the timeframe.

  1. All Agencies Are Different
    Each agency follows its own process when sourcing, reviewing and preparing talent for interviews. Some are basic and others are in-depth. MSI Recruiting, for instance, learns about your company culture and business objectives in order to ensure successful pairing with talent. We also utilize personality testing, as well as cognitive and behavioral tests. This ensures more accuracy in term of employee fits for specific roles within an organization.
  2. Understands Your Business Goals
    A good recruitment company does not put forth candidates without understanding your business goals or considering if their candidates support them. They take the initiative to learn about your business’ values, work ethic and company culture, and present candidates who align with that.
  3. Temp Divisions
    There are times when an employee is needed urgently to assist with specific job functions while the recruitment process is underway. Staffing agencies who work with temporary employees looking for short-term employment enable businesses to still achieve their deliverables, while searching for the permanent employee to take occupancy of a vacancy.
  4. Cost-Effective Hiring with Less Risk
    Hiring an employee comes with several financial risks, especially if they abscond, resign or need to be let go. Staffing firms take full responsibility for candidates for a specific period and can take care of the entire hiring process at a lower cost.

As an industry leader, MSI Recruiting is fully-equipped to handle all your professional staffing requirements. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can best assist you.