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As a design director for the signage department of a car wash factory, your day will never be boring! Here’s a day in the life of a designer director! 

What do you do as a design director?

I structure policies and procedures while managing a team of talented graphic designers. In order to increase output of quality and performance, I streamline departmental processes. 


What do you love about being a design director?

The company culture fully embraces innovation. I have the freedom to push the limits and not be apprehensive of failure. We strive to succeed, but understand that errors and correcting those errors is part of growth and being TrailBlazers in the industry. 


What do your days look like? 

First thing I do is go through performance reports and oversee order flow. As orders start flowing in, I assist with gathering assets and meeting with the remote team to help prioritize their workload. I also monitor and create design briefs between customer and designer as well as auditing designs for technical and conceptual alignment. 


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