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Don’t you love it when you go on a company’s website and it’s so easy to navigate that you find everything you need? Having a functional, appealing website is the first step to keeping users like you interested in what the company has to offer. So, what goes into making a website functional? Here’s what a day in the life of a Web Application Developer looks like…

“I fix or improve current functionality on the website, I also design and develop new functionalities as needed, that goes from planning to designing to developing each new task that needs to be implemented”


What is the first thing you do in the morning?


First thing I do in the morning is check for new emails or any errors reported by our app the previous night. After checking my emails, I go through tickets that were assigned to me with different tasks. We have tickets assigned to each Developer for different tasks including new developments, patches, updates, and more.


Every day I check tickets assigned to me and ask questions about every requirement on the ticket/task. After most of the tasks are clear, I start to analyze and plan how I’m going to approach these problems.


What do those tasks look like?


I need to approach these problems with the most optimal solution while taking into consideration every aspect and possible errors we may encounter in the future.


After the task is analyzed and designed, I start coding. Sometimes anything may surge during coding or even different ways of approaching the problem emerges. This process can take anywhere from hours to weeks depending on the task. In the meantime, I can start working on other tasks that might be urgent or easier and faster to solve.


What happens once you complete a task?


Every task is revised by the test team after I upload my solution. When they have tested the tasks, they send back their comments and any errors they might have found in the solution. Based on what they discover, we discuss the problems found and I work to fix or improve anything they report. This process continues until it’s ready for deployment, which usually occurs every couple of weeks at late hours so we don’t affect the live site if anything goes wrong.


“I really like seeing people happy and using something I did to make their job a little easier. Knowing that people it’s comfortable using what I do, and this helps them do their job easier and better makes me feel very nice.”

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