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Expert Hiring Professionals

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Our Services

Looking for a Job? Looking for Talent?

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Customer Analysis

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Candidate Search

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Managing Expectations

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Candidate Presentations

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Delivering An Offer

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I have worked with recruiting agencies all my professional career. I can honestly say, working with MSI recruiting has been the most rewarding experience yet. I worked with Christina and Kellen and shortly after, I was hired at an awesome job. Their professional and friendly demeanor made the process as pleasant of an experience as possible. They helped me not only with the initial contact with my new employer, but they were with me every step on the way…

Senior Staff Accountant

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Unlike many recruiters we’ve used, MSI really digs in to find and pre-screen the best candidates. They don’t just rely on job boards, but instead use their significant network to bring top candidates to the process. We’ve had great success with MSI, and have found that their candidates have become some of our most valued and long-serving employees…

President – Velocity Solutions


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About Us

Welcome to MSI Recruiting. Whether you are a company looking to fill a talent gap, or a candidate looking for your next career move, we are the preferred staffing agency. Spanning decades in the business, we have cultivated a network of contacts and business relationships, with the mission to match top talent with the right opportunity. Our clients range from startup operations to publicly traded organizations, serving a variety of industries in different market sectors. The team at MSI Recruiting is actively involved in the business community and understands the diverse nature of our business culture. MSI has the experience and skills to successfully assist in the placement of your entire Corporate Office.

Whether you are a client or candidate, let us put our expert Recruiting and Placement services to work for you!

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Meet The Team

The team at MSI Recruiting is comprised of Recruiters from all different areas of the country that come together to offer a unique blend of experiences and skills that cannot be duplicated. That cultural mix, added to the more than 70 years of combined recruiting experience in South Florida, creates a winning combination.

The various backgrounds of our staff make it a virtual certainty that someone on the team will be able to effectively connect and communicate with every candidate and/or client that we represent. Our team’s capacity to understand a company or candidate’s wants, desires, and goals exceeds that of our competitors.

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Success Stories

Don’t take it from us! Read what some of our clients and candidates have said about the level of service and success we provide. Contact us to become the next candidate we help with a new opportunity and our next satisfied client!

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