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Whether it be a Fortune 500 company that’s been around forever or a new business still navigating its infancy within the marketplace, every organization has the same short and long-term goals: attract new business and reduce costs. That’s the bottom line, no pun intended. A vital component for achieving this has always been staffing; recruiting the right people with the right skillsets to ensure success in all revenue-generating endeavors.

Historically, these successes have been realized through the efforts of permanent, business-critical employees who work from 9 to 5, five days a week through the work year, every year. But nothing stays the same, and trends over the last decade have shown a vast majority of companies adapting their staffing structures and operations to keep up with new technology, expenditure overheads and competition in various sectors. As a result, part-time or contract employees are fast becoming a preferred talent resource over more permanent-hires.

      Temporary and contract staffing employment in the U.S. 2010-2018. Image source:

 As evidenced above, in 2018, temporary and contract staffing employment amounted to approximately 17 million, a robust increase from 2010 where numbers averaged below 10 million. Now in 2020, with a growing number of unanticipated twists, turns and disruptions effected by the COVID-19 pandemic, these numbers are likely to increase exponentially; especially if today’s tough economic times press on and start to affect a company.

Some employers have been quick to identify the benefits of working with a recruiter for hiring temporary staff, particularly from a cost-containment point of view. Here are 5 main benefits to on-boarding temp workers in your business:


5 Benefits of Hiring a Contract or Temp Employee

Lower Long-Term Costs

As they are hired for a short-term, these employees don’t require an annual salary, bonuses or the same level of attention and development as a permanent staffer. More often than not, they are hired for niche abilities that are already refined, allowing them to hit the ground running. This frees up an organization’s resources which can be better focused on achieving other business goals. In many instances, temporary employees receive limited, or no benefits, which reduces or mitigates unemployment claims. At times, where a project may take only 6 months to complete, it makes better business sense to pay someone for a limited time with no strings attached or permanent contractual-staff overheads and pay-outs.

Shorter Hiring Process

Professional recruiters understand that hiring permanent employees takes much longer than their temporary counterparts, particularly when one has to consider candidate availability, salary negotiations and organizational culture fit. As you are hiring specifically for skills and experience you don’t need to consider how a temp will fit into the organization long-term or how their personality may gel with colleagues and management. This allows for a quick hire where the candidate comes in and adds value without a drawn-out recruitment process.

Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies

A Jack of all trades is a master of none. Some companies mistakenly assume that adding responsibilities to existing permanent workers’ job descriptions who may have “some” experience in a specific function will save them money. But that leaves room open for things to go wrong when a highly-specialized skillset is required. Generally, recruitment of contract workers means hiring for a specific function required to complete a project or reach a goal. This means that an organization can contract a worker who has the requisite nuanced-skillset and experience to immediately make an impact and deliver the results a business needs.

New Insights and Perspectives

New brooms sweep clean. Having a new skilled member join your team offers a fresh outlook and perspective on current organizational systems and strategies. A temporary worker can provide new and improved ways of approaching and completing tasks that require less expenditure, time and resources. A fresh perspective may be just the thing that your organization needs to shift gears.

Greater Flexibility

Part-time employees offer an organization the opportunity to hire when and if it needs to, depending on business needs, demands and the state of the market. This enables your company to adjust more easily and adapt to workload fluctuations fast, especially when a business is faced with permanent talent being booked off for illness and maternity/paternity leave. In addition, should a long-term employee be required for a particular role, temping solutions provide the ability to “try out” potential future hires and determine if they have the skills and personality that a permanent job in your business demands.


How MSI Recruiting Can Help

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or contract employee, MSI Recruiting specializes in sourcing and qualifying the ideal candidates that will help you reach your business goals. As a trusted talent-sourcing recruiter, having served many top companies in the South Florida region and beyond, our experience and reputation give us the best access to the right candidates that will help take your business to the next level. All our temp talent undergo resume screenings, testing and interview before being presented to you, ensuring the quick turnaround time for hires that your business needs. For more information on recruiting contract personnel, request a consultation now.