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When speaking on how his people were instrumental to the success of Virgin Group, Richard Branson once famously said: “Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity. What do you think is the most important factor when building your team? For us, it’s personality.” He was right.

In the fiercely competitive business arena, having the right team cannot be more stressed as a vital factor in the success of any company. People power the bottom line, which means that every hire is crucial. Getting recruitment wrong can have serious consequences on the growth and sustainability of an organization.

Studies have shown that companies spend over $40,000 on training, screening, background checking, interviewing, re-interviewing and more when they need to hire an employee, then repeat the process every time the demand to hire a new employee arises.

This process costs companies time, money and important resources without much guarantee of success. In some instances, it has to be repeated when during the employment probation period, it is discovered that the probationary employee isn’t a great fit and has to be replaced.

MSI reduces this risk and ensures that the best and brightest people are recruited first time round. For us, ‘fit’ is everything. We find the perfect fit by taking the time to figure out exactly what that means, for the candidate and client alike. Our staff conduct an in-depth, detailed and vetted search process to select the best candidates for your job opening. Thereafter, we conduct a minimum of two interviews with each candidate to determine a fit for culture, motivation and skill set match.

During this process, MSI Recruiting also manages both client and candidate expectations, before presenting four to five candidates for your position and schedule them for back-to-back interviews with your hiring authority, for an immediate compare and contrast review. This allows you to quickly select your top candidates for final interviews.

“MSI Recruiting is a highly skilled team of recruiting professionals well versed in the practice of search and placement employing all the latest technologies. Our service alleviates a majority of the time and cost our clients would normally spend during an employee search-and-interview process if they were to conduct a search-and-hire on their own. Our candidate network and continuous search efforts reflects the very best pool of talent in South Florida. Clients of ours that are looking to build their A-team of corporate management can rely on us to recruit and present candidates that weren’t responding to job postings but rather candidates that are at the top of their careers who can make an objective decision about a career move as opposed to a desperate response just to gain employment. This pinpoint recruiting approach gives confidence to our clients that the career minded candidates we put forward are relevant and aligned with the company leaders’ aspirations. By managing the search, recruitment and hiring process on our clients’ behalves, we present them candidates they can’t get anywhere else as well as we save them time and money, two commodities that are better served when invested towards the development of business and efficiency,” said Jody Moore, Partner.

No matter how much you spend on various aspects of your company or keep up with the latest technology and trends, your business will only be as good as the people you hire. Let MSI Recruiting help you select those that will make your business soar.

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