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Working remotely is no longer the future of work. It is the present reality. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to change our way of life, its detrimental effect on business and the American people’s financial health cannot be undervalued. As such, remote working is gaining rapid traction, with several proactive companies adjusting how they operate by implementing new work-from-home strategies.

By allowing business to continue uninterrupted, remote working delivers favorable returns in economic value, all while ensuring that millions stay employed and public health efforts are supported. However, not every company has the resources at its disposal to create a functional workforce that can effectively achieve deliverables from any location. And in times of crisis or rapidly changing circumstances, the level of preparation needed to “get things right” within a short period may not be feasible for businesses on its own.

To help navigate the transition, here are three ways to foster a well-operational work-from-home model that ensures employees are adequately prepared to excel in their roles, and your business thrives.

1. Consult the Professionals

Countless new business challenges are emerging to occupy your attention, thus now is not the time to wing it or go it alone. MSI Recruiting can help your business set up remote desktop capability for its workforce, the same way we have for other organizations.

What we will do for you:

–    Assess remote workforce capability

–    Assist with service options and pricing

–    Secure a dedicated account manager with service company of choice

–    Remote desktop setup & VPN

–    Taking into account all health and safety  provisions, MSI has the capability to enter an employee’s home to set up remote office connection

–    Provide continuous technical support

2. Equipment, Systems & Internet

Allow employees to book their laptops or PCs / Macs out and set up servers to be accessible remotely. This will ensure that the necessary digital resources are accessible and projects can be completed timeously. For those employees without Wi-Fi, fiber or home internet, supply them with internet connection, and provide data subsidies to employees using their home internet for work purposes.

3. Keep Communication Open

Check-in regularly with staff on project progresses and on their overall state of mind, but don’t helicopter manage. Use free modern video communication software and platforms that bring teams together in a digital environment. Host meetings and schedule team catch-ups with fun games to maintain company culture so that it feels like business as usual.

With the right tools in place, remote working can be quite successful. As it rapidly emerges as the new normal redefining the workplace of tomorrow, remote set-ups offer substantial benefits for any business, many of which directly impact expenditure and income. This includes reduced overhead costs by downsizing to smaller offices as more people work from home; establishing virtual teams from anywhere in the country that include the most-prized candidates from the MSI Recruiting pool of talent; and giving greater workplace flexibility to existing and potential employees, a move that will evolve your business culture to one that is future-fit.

If you find your company is in need of assistance with remote set-up for its employees, and technical support, please contact us at (561) 314-7170 or visit our website at  We will be there to answer all of your questions and provide the best services to help your business navigate these uncertain times successfully.