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Human Resources

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Your Source For The Best Human Resources Recruiting 

If your business is seeking Human Resources talent, MSI Recruiting is here to provide top candidates. Our specialty in Human Resources recruiting stemmed from our original focus in Accounting & Finance when that group started to focus on hiring HR professionals in the early 2000s.

Human Resources has continued to evolve, transitioning from a tactical role into a strategic one. HR is: an essential element of executive teams at most successful companies and is a revenue-generating department.

We are actively involved in ongoing education within the industry, placing importance on attending conferences such as HR Florida and holding active memberships at local, professional, and HR chapters. We are well networked and positioned to fill positions ranging from Generalist to CHRO.

MSI Recruiting has built an impressive and impactful network of HR executives. Those relationships are invaluable in our ability to service any corporate HR department.

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Trusted services and
endless satisfaction

With our blended 100+ years of staffing experience and use of highly efficient search and marketing tools, we match candidates based on years of accumulated placement data.

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Whether you need a contract or a permanent employee, MSI Recruiters will provide you with skilled candidates that fit your needs.

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Track record of success

More than 50% of MSI’s clients have continuously worked with us for years. Clients appreciate our process and ability to deliver the best candidate for a particular position.

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What Are You Looking For?

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