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  • Location: Boca Raton, Florida
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Job #10843
  • Salary: $200,000

The DevOps Engineer will manage, develop and improve tools for the enhancement of the Development Operations. The individual will integrate IT with the different teams to ensure timely shipping of our products.

  • GitLab & Git Clients
  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • GitLab CI / CD
  • NPM / NodeJS/ Nuget (ProGet)
  • SQL Server (2012+) Administration

Scripting & Programming

  • Bash, PowerShell
  • JS/TS (but not required)
  • C# / .Net / .Net Core (but not required)
  • Python (nice to have)


  • VMware vSphere 6/7 and Storage Area Networks (SANs)
  • Servers, HP Proliant (or equivalent)

Principal Accountabilities & Responsibilities:

  • Integrate and build automation tools for software development lifecycle (deployment, monitoring, and operations)
  • Management / Re-provisioning of Development/Test Environments and maintenance (patches, O/S health)
  • Maintain and administrate our automated Software Development Life Cycle with CI tools, GitLab integration for continuous build, test, and deployment
  • Manage and integrate interoperability of DevOps systems (GitLab, JIRA, TeamCity)
  • Research, evaluate and improve DevOps toolchain to automate and streamline our operations and processes.
  • Monitor system healthiness with various tools and respond to alert.

– Knowledge of automation and continuous integration (2+ years)
– Setting up CI/CD pipelines (1+ years)
– Managing performance, availability, and scale for mid to large sized systems. (2+ years)
– Source Control Management (2+ years)
– Iterative/agile (e.g. SCRUM, XP) methodologies (1+ years)
-Kubernetes (2+ years)
-Docker (2+ years)
– Bachelor degree or above in Computer Engineering or related discipline preferred (but not required)
Soft Skills:
– Strong sense of responsibility and ability to work independently
– Good interpersonal and communication skills, self-motivated, detail-minded and result-oriented.
– Team player who values team success over individual recognition
– Wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected
– Excellent verbal & written skills
Day to Day tasks:
– Automating processes
– Keeping the flow of continuous deployments going
– Building a continuous integration platform
DevOps Questions:
1. How to pass to a `docker build` command arguments at build-time? (Define in Dockerfile: ARG and call `–build-arg =`)
2. What's the difference between Deployment and DaemonSet (Daemon set can create Pod per each Node)
  a. Examples of Daemon set deployment (Distributed Storage as as Software solutions, ex. Prometheus, Grafana)
3. What `kubectl describe` command does? what are the parameters and expected output (detailed information about a specific resource. parameters: services, pods etc.)
# GitLab (if they have experience)
1. How to execute a pipeline on a specific set of changes in git? (`rules: changes:` or using `git whatchanged` or `git diff-tree`)
2. What types of executors for GitLab runners do you know/used? (ex. Shell, Docker, Kubernetes)
3. If your pipeline requires special credentials to be passed, how would do that without espousing sensitive data? (Protected or environmental variables)
# General programming (based on prefered language)
1. Python: what is `__init__` function (constructor)
2. JS/TS: what is the use of the map() function in JavaScript? (`map()` creates a new array with function called on every element in the array)
3. Powershell: How to create a new directory? (New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path )
4. Shell/Bash: How to output content of the file? (cat, nano, less, more, head, tail, od,