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MSI Recruiting is pleased to present our annual Salary Guide, 2019 edition. We offer this information in hopes that with the rocketing growth of the US economy, the rise in salaries, and record low unemployment in all disciplines and industries, that employers seeking to hire the best candidates will be properly advised to offer compensation in keeping with the current market. Or, at the very least, assist employers who are reviewing the wages of their current staff to be in line with the market so as not to watch top talent recruited away by their competition.

With unemployment Rates locally in South Florida dipping below 3% and nationally sustaining at 3.7%, we at MSI Recruiting want employers to understand that most of their new hires will be a currently employed candidate, typically needing enticement to leave their current company. In this current market, it can be safe to assume an employer will not likely be able to hire and build their A-Team or the secure best candidates rummaging through unemployed candidates or dissatisfied job seekers that have plastered their resume on every job board. We know how to attract and incentivize an employed candidate, who offers the least risk and greatest potential, while employers will have to offer salaries and compensation packages that exceed the current compensation of a potential employee.

We also hope this salary guide will be used as a reference for job seekers in their search for new employment as a means of determining the validity of any job offers they receive. It should be noted, through the end of 2016 and for nearly eight years prior that salaries and compensation in the corporate world remained stagnant of any growth. The lack of salary growth during those years mirrored the weak GDP the US economy experienced throughout the years from the crash of 2008 up through 2016.

With the current GDP as of this writing hovering around 3.4% and with the possibility of it exceeding 4%, the current enthusiasm and confidence of business leaders remains strong. Even more tangible is the year over year 3% growth in salaries that we expect to continue through 2019.

Employer confidence in the economy translates to growth, and growth always means an increase in hiring and low unemployment. Low unemployment makes the task of hiring the best candidates that much more difficult. We at MSI Recruiting offer the best solution to finding our clients top talent through our time tested recruiting techniques as well as employing the latest search technologies available.

We at MSI Recruiting welcome any questions and are here to personally advise employers and career seekers on any compensation queries they may have. We can be contacted through our website here, or we can be reached at our corporate offices in Boca Raton, Florida at 561 314 7170.

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