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Some personalities just don’t mix. At some point, we’ve all experienced this firsthand. Out in the world, when disparate people recognize their inability to mix well, they have the freedom to refrain from interacting. But in the workplace, that isn’t the case. Personality mismatches in the workplace can, and will, affect business, especially if it results in friction between an employee and the business.

In recent times, the issue of ‘fit’ has become increasingly important as more and more organizations realize that the majority of failed hires are not always a result of an individual’s inability to perform their duties, but a consequence of poor cultural fit. This manifests itself in employee clashes, breaks in communication, tensions, poor attitudes and general unhappiness all around. Whether problems are immediate or simmer on a slow boil, they can decrease productivity and increase employee turnover, which in turn harms a company’s image and raises operational costs.

Personality testing has become one of the most effective ways of mitigating this problem; helping to ensure that the right people are selected for key roles. These assessment tools provide objective insights into the behaviors, values, thought processes, character traits and professional abilities of potential candidates. This, in turn, allows for more informed decisions about who best fits a job role and whether or not they will thrive in a unique business environment.

MSI Recruiting personality tests can reveal whether a person is introverted or extroverted, patient or impatient, meticulous or forgetful, open or resistant to new ideas, and so forth. When combined with our resume analysis and an in-person interview, these assessments make it easier to determine the most promising profiles and ultimately aid in hiring the best talent at the end. These tests can help with identifying character traits that are important for specific roles, (such as attention-to-detail for an Accountant or the ability to keep calm under pressure for a Neurosurgeon) eliminating any bias from the recruitment process and resulting in greater efficiencies for a company when ideal individuals occupy their job vacancies.

In addition to streamlining the hiring process, personality testing helps employers identify which existing employees have the capacity to thrive in Senior or Managerial roles when opportunities for staff promotion present themselves. As a result, decisions can be made around which individuals will help to boost productivity and business bottoms lines with greater accuracy.

These insights are also beneficial to employees in terms of self and career development as they bring strengths and areas for growth to one’s attention. Through this self-awareness, individuals are empowered to improve themselves in order to reach their career goals. Consequently, this ambition for professional improvement benefits the employer’s business as their employees work harder and develop into heightened versions of their professional selves.

“Personality is a scientifically-proven predictor of job performance and assessing behavioral tendencies in the workplace. At MSI Recruiting we understand the importance of making the right fit between a job seeker and an employer. The insights derived from our personality tests can be used as actionable hiring steps, offering more surety into hires, reducing employee turnover and expenses, fostering positive inter-employee relationships and improving management relationships,” said Jody Moore, Managing Partner of MSI Recruiting.

No matter the personality type of an applicant, or culture of a business, MSI Recruiting successfully makes the right connections between diverse companies and candidates on a daily basis. To find out more about how we can help your company with successful hires, get in touch with us today.