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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic limiting the operations of businesses to essential services in a growing number of states, many Americans are unfortunately being laid off. Much like other economic downturns throughout history, like The Great Depression and the Great Recession of 2008 where job markets experienced an unprecedented surge of available candidates, this time is no different.

Interestingly, more job applicants does not always translate into a more successful hiring process, particularly if a business lacks the proper resources at its disposal to screen, interview and select prospective employees correctly. On one hand you are presented with a wider talent pool to choose from. On the other, you’re at greater risk of hiring the wrong people, a conundrum made even more challenging when a business requires all hands on deck to navigate operations amid COVID-19, and the attention, manpower and time required to focus on effective hiring are simply unavailable.

The reality is, not every person is a good employee. And in unfortunate times like these, more often than not, businesses forced to undergo downsizing retain their star people, and bid farewell to underperformers or difficult staffers who have not lived up to expectation – many of which who will apply at your company. To streamline this process and ensure that your business hires diamond-employees instead of those who don’t shine as bright, a professional recruitment partner is the safest solution.

MSI Recruiting provides a full-service talent-sourcing solution whereby we handle every aspect of the hiring process on your behalf, identifying those top-tier professionals whose abilities, values and personalities align with your business. As an extension of your hiring team, we learn about your company culture and business objectives, which effectively allow us to better target our recruiting efforts to match the needs of your organization. We identify “low performers” and remove them from consideration to negate your chances of a hiring misfire. The result? A focused section of qualified talent from which to choose who translate into hires that makes sense for you.

Our success rate speaks for itself. At MSI Recruiting, we pay attention and make it our business to ensure that our clients don’t make the mistake of hiring worrisome individuals who presented challenges at their previous places of employment. With us, you always get the best. Get in touch today for a professional recruitment service you can trust to always have your business’ best interests at heart.