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For some time now, DevOps has been the official buzz word of the IT world. Since the momentum and movement to the cloud greatly accelerated over the past few years, the DevOps skillset and the need to build a DevOps team have become vital components within every software and technology organization. However, with so many businesses trying to compete in this disruptive market, the need for experienced DevOps talent is essential, but often hard to find.

In comparison to other IT functions, DevOps is still a relatively new concept. A portmanteau of the words “development’ and “operation” it combines the qualities, skills and responsibilities of these two functions into one. In their roles, DevOps Engineers work to improve collaboration, integration, communication and automation among software developers and IT operations in order to improve the speed and quality of creating and delivering software.

DevOps has strong affinities with Agile development, which promotes close collaboration between customers, product managers and developers to deliver a better product. It builds on the success of this model by extending agile principles beyond the boundaries of code to the entire delivered service. This in turn amplifies business agility, responsiveness, and effects a faster time to market throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

DevOps is a very practical and valuable asset for today’s organizations because of its real and measurable benefits, some of which include:

• Improved Operational Support & Faster Fixes

DevOps facilitates improved communication between software development and operations teams, enabling faster detection of potential bugs, defects, inconsistencies and other problems during the development phase that may slow down project timelines. As a result, teams are more aware of the support that they need to provide and can mitigate any software defects faster.

• Rapid Delivery & Agility

Through a focus on automation in the software development life cycle, DevOps promotes greater efficiency and operational agility, leading to shorter production times and deployment speed. Moving at a faster velocity enables innovation over shorter timeframes and a delivery of the most up-to-date product soonest. By increasing the frequency and pace of software releases, businesses can improve how their product operates faster and stay one step ahead of the competition, all of which promote an agile culture that delivers greater business performance.

• Improved Customer Experience

When a business develops proprietary solutions faster, it is better able to serve its customers. With each release comes feedback, which when incorporated into forthcoming versions of software, results in an enhanced product that improves customer service for business.

While several career opportunities exist within a DevOps team, such as DevOps Engineers, DevOps Architects, Release Managers, Software Testers, Automation Engineers and more, the skills required for these roles are idiosyncratic. MSI Recruiting provides a comprehensive talent-sourcing service whereby we focus on securing the best talent in the country to help our clients along their DevOps transformation journeys. We match niche skillsets to relevant roles that need to be filled, ensuring a successful match between company and career seeker every time. In addition, our approach positively affects businesses as hiring the best talent from the MSI pool ensures a competitive advantage when the business landscape isn’t faring too well, as well as better positions a company to take advantage of growth opportunities when they arise.

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