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When it comes to connecting with the right talent, timing is everything. Ask any hiring manager. Getting the right people into the right roles at the right time is key to the success of any organization. But like most business functions, recruiting and hiring activity ebbs and flows. For businesses looking to increase (or meet) headcount for the year, understanding when candidate job applications are highest can make a world of difference when attempting to secure the best people.

A 2016 study conducted by LinkedIn examined job applications over each calendar month, as seen below.

As shown, between September and October there is an outpouring of job applications, leading to a hiring spike for companies in January the following year. Taking into account the duration of the recruitment process, multiple interviews, salary and package negotiations, as well as the possible one-month notice period, this suggests that most candidates are keen to start new jobs in New Year. To do so, they recognize that job applications must be undertaken months prior in order for their New Year’s career goals to be realized.

Interestingly, this behavior is in stark contrast to the ‘assumed consensus’ that individuals seek out fresh career opportunities in January and February, which per the table, is shown to have the lowest number of job seekers. This means that for businesses to meet their January staffing needs with a strong talent roster, recruitment endeavours must be implemented at least three months ahead of time.

From March towards the end of the summer, job application numbers show little fluctuation, but still an increase when compared to January and February. This steadiness means that there is rarely a talent drought as the weather warms up. What makes this period favorable for hires is the sense of urgency that career seekers have to start afresh. Their annual bonuses would have been received in December and their salaries increased at the end of the U.S. fiscal year that previous September. As a result, there is no financial loss on their part should they choose to move companies fast.

This is an empowering time for businesses of all scopes and sizes as faster hires means less time, money and resources spent to meet their company’s staffing objectives. Sooner than later hires also help to increase business production, speed up service delivery and shorten project turnaround times; as many hands make light work.

At MSI Recruiting, we consider these trends in addition to a range of other variables to ensure that you are adequately prepared when the time comes to hire new talent. Here are 3 simple and effective ways you can help to ensure that the best candidates are secured by your business.

Plan for the future.

Meet with an MSI representative to discuss your company’s workload and any potential recruiting requirements you foresee in the near future. This will allow us to determine an effective recruitment strategy ahead of time, collate the best resumes and headhunt talent that may not be actively seeking employment, but are open to moving companies if the offer is lucrative – all on your behalf.

Pay attention to the market.

If you foresee potential growth in the market or to your organization make sure you’re meeting with an MSI representative to discuss new talent for new job positions that could add tremendous value to your organization when the time is right.

Make your business the best place to work.

The new generation of employees have idiosyncratic needs that they require from their places of employment, needs explored further in Millennials in the Workplace and Generation Z: The Up and Coming Workforce.  Meet with an MSI representative to discuss what new talent are currently looking for employment, and how your company can best accommodate these needs.

It’s extremely important to plan when discussing talent acquisition and retention. Plan now for 2020 and try to anticipate hiring needs based on growth, replacement, or if necessary, reduction in workforce.

Knowing your company’s culture and selling points are vital to attracting talent. If you understand these well, you can target the right type of candidates and be competitive in landing top talent.

Remember, in a job market with 3% unemployment, candidates have options. If they are interviewing with your company chances are they have two or three other options as well. Offer a fair wage, solid benefits, and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Our clients that follow this strategy have the best results in building an A team.

Striking the right balance between finding someone fast and finding someone great is possible when you have a recruitment partner that understands the nature of the market and the nature of your needs. Whether you require immediate hires or need to fill positions within the latter months, MSI Recruiting are the expert hiring professionals who get the job done, so you can do yours.