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Need an employee focused payroll solution for your turnaround or winddown?

Need an IRS compliant option for employees in a bankruptcy?

Workout Wages has all of that covered, and more!

Our solution is born from nearly 25 years in the people business. We’re able to offer a turnkey, IRS compliant payroll option by stepping in as the employer of record.

You can reach any of the partners 24/7 and we treat each client, whether one employee or hundreds, with white glove service.

Immediate benefit eligibility, dedicated HR support, guaranteed payroll, and the peace of mind that the most important asset in a winddown or turnaround, the employees, are well taken care of.

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Payroll and funding guaranteed

Your winddown or turnaround will stay IRS compliant with turnkey payroll services

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All employees are W2 and carry the necessary insurance

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Benefits and HR

Immediate, Day 1 benefit enrollment and HR support

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Ability to augment or replace staff as needed

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Can support business in all 50 states

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Each restructuring or turnaround receives a dedicated Account Manager

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Contact Us

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“WorkOut Wages solved our critical, short-term payroll problems with a perfectly tailored employment solution. Their expertise, flexible response, and can-do attitude was a key component of success in our fast-paced, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy workout. They instantly became a part of our team because they took our work as seriously as we do. They even gave us 24-7 access to their top management. The experts at WorkOut Wages created a beautiful, seamless payroll transition that was 100% problem free.”


Brent King, Managing Director

B Riley Financial

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