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Understanding the Hidden Costs of High Employee Turnover

employee turnover

High employee turnover spells trouble for businesses in all industries. It not only hampers productivity but also dampens team morale as colleagues depart and remaining staff face increased workloads. If left unchecked, this cycle can escalate, resulting in a disruptive work environment. What is employee turnover? Employee turnover refers to the rate at which employees […]

The Biggest Work Trends Everybody Needs to Know in 2024

work trends

With the arrival of each new year, we welcome fresh perspectives and resolutions into our lives, a tradition that even transcends into the workplace. Employers strategically assess and recalibrate their approaches, actively seeking innovative ways to enhance productivity, cultivate a positive work environment, and start the first quarter with a renewed commitment to excellence.  But […]

Attracting Millennials and Gen Z to Manufacturing Careers: The Significance of Company Culture

attracting Millennials and Gen Z

Is your manufacturing company facing a talent shortage? Be prepared to rethink your approach to recruitment in the near future.  A recent study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, revealed that 77% of manufacturers say they are experiencing ongoing difficulties in attracting and retaining workers in 2021 and beyond.  This statistic underscores the pressing need […]

The Importance of Employer Branding in Attracting Top Talent

employer branding

As organizations compete for top-tier talent, the focus intensifies on their employer brand. How does your organization measure up in this competitive landscape, where the employer brand is not just a recruitment tool but a strategic asset impacting talent acquisition, retention, and overall success? The answer is in understanding and shaping different aspects of your […]

How to Conduct a Proper Search for the Best Candidate

Search for the Best Candidate

Securing the right talent for your team can ultimately determine your success as an organization. A new hire should seamlessly integrate into your company culture, enhance its dynamics, and play an active role in your organization’s growth. This is why the quest for the ideal candidate is oftentimes a multi-faceted process.  As recruitment experts, we […]

How Do the Best Recruiting Agencies Separate Themselves From the Pack?

Best Recruiting Agencies

In a rapidly evolving job market, finding individuals who not only possess the requisite skills but also align with the company’s values can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. In any given month, an average of 12.4 million job seekers are actively on the hunt for new employment opportunities in the United […]

Insights to Consider for Second Interviews and Narrowing Down Candidates

Struggling with narrowing down candidates to find the perfect addition to your team? Here are some tips and insights into what to consider for second interviews as well as narrowing down your candidate pool! The first interview is the qualifier…  Usually second interviews are the opportunity for the company to ‘sell or market’ the candidate […]


Why You Should Choose MSI As Your Leading Staffing Agency MSI Recruiting is a boutique, executive and back office search firm in business since 1998 with over 100 years of recruiting experience on staff. MSI has filled countless back office positions in multiple locations across the country within so many different industries including, Manufacturing, Finance, Information […]

How Hiring Contract Employees Can Help your Business

Whether it be a Fortune 500 company that’s been around forever or a new business still navigating its infancy within the marketplace, every organization has the same short and long-term goals: attract new business and reduce costs.