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Smart Move: Integrating DevOps Into Your Software Development Process

For some time now, DevOps has been the official buzz word of the IT world. Since the momentum and movement to the cloud greatly accelerated over the past few years, the DevOps skillset and the need to build a DevOps team have become vital components within every software and technology organization.

How to Set Up Your Employees to Work Remotely

Working remotely is no longer the future of work. It is the present reality. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to change our way of life, its detrimental effect on business and the American people’s financial health cannot be undervalued.

MSI Recruiting Salary Guide for 2020

MSI Recruiting is pleased to present our annual Salary Guide, 2020 edition. During the course of each year, companies regularly approach MSI Recruiting wondering whether the salaries that they offer align with those offered by other organizations in their industry.